WS260 - Precision Scale

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Load Range:
0-120kg/0-264.5 lbs
± 5g 0-10kg, 5g ± 0.03% of reading
Max Resolution:
1g/0.01 lbs/0.1 oz
kg, kg+g (2 line), lbs, oz, lbs+oz (2 line)
Max Battery Life:
1200 hours (50 days) in Extended Battery Life Mode
Power Supply:
3x AA batteries, 5V USB-C
Bluetooth Range:
300m/984ft Connected, 500m/1640ft Beacon
IP Rating:
Operating Temperature Range:
14 - 122°F/-10 - 50°C
Maximum Cylinder Size:
9in/22.86cm Base Circumference

The Best Choice When Grams Matter!

The WS260 Precision Scale gives HVAC/R technicians everything they need to combat the accuracy requirements of modern systems. Boasting ultra-fine 1g resolution, incredible accuracy, a maximum load capacity of 120kg (264.5 lbs), and a durable aluminum construction. Regardless of the system size, large or small, the WS260 is ready for the job. 

Features and Benefits

  • High Accuracy - Industry-leading accuracy ± 5g (0-10kg), 5g ± 0.03% of reading
  • Ultra-fine Resolution - 1g resolution, perfect for high-SEER and other critical charge systems
  • Durable - Aluminum housing, IP65 rated, rigid protective carrying case; built to withstand real-world conditions
  • Backlit Graphical Display - Easy-to-read display with backlight brightness adjustability, perfect for all environments 
  • Extended Battery Life - Up to 1200 hour (50 days) battery life on 3 x AA batteries
  • Data logging - Onboard data logging with up to 180 days of storage
  • Appion Central Integration - Remote access and control, data-logging with export functionality, monitor recovery and charging operations, firmware updates, and much more
  • Long-Range Wireless Technology - Up to 1600ft (500m) broadcasts in beacon mode, 980ft (300m) direct connections

This Scale Includes

  • (1) WS260 Precision Scale
  • (1) Carrying Case
  • (3) AA batteries

WS260 Onboard Feature Set

Access the scale's main functions using the quick access buttons.

  • Power (On/ Long Press Off)
    • Menu (Quick Press Once On)   
  • Backlight (On/Off)
    • Units (Long Press) 
  • Tare
    • Zero (Long Press)

Access the WS260's extensive menu for the ultimate experience in user-friendly adjustability and customization. 

  • Units 
    • Select kg, lbs, or oz in a single-line display or select a two-line display of kg+g or lbs+oz.
  • Mode/Resolution  
    • Select one of the three resolution modes for 1g resolution, 10g resolution, or 10g extended battery life resolution.   
  • Display Settings
    •  Adjust backlight brightness with low, medium, and high settings or turn it off completely. 
    • Toggle the backlight timeout for a 5-second, 10-second, 30-second, 60-second timeouts, or select no timeout to keep the backlight on indefinitely. 
    • Flip the orientation of the display 180 degrees. 
    • Toggle the rate-of-change display to monitor refrigerant flow on the main screen.
  • Data Log
    • Start or stop a data log.
    • Monitor your log record status.
    • Switch between 1-second, 5-second, 10-second, 30-second, or 60-second log intervals.
    • Erase your stored data.
  • Bluetooth Range Mode
    • Select normal-range mode for close operations or long-range mode if experiencing higher than normal Bluetooth interference.
  • Zero Scale
    • Zero the WS260 on a flat surface. 
  • Settings Reset
    • Restore all of the factory settings.
  • About
    • View the scales serial number, firmware version, hardware version, calibration date, and BLE version.

WS260 Features with the Appion Central App™

Pair the WS260 to the Appion Central App™ to have complete control of the scale in the palm of your hand. Use your mobile device or tablet to customize the WS260's settings remotely with full access to every onboard function and unlock the WS260's full potential with a host of additional features. 

  • In-app Selectable Display
    • Choose from three user-selectable display preferences to view your data in digital, analog, or graphical (selectable auto-scaling) displays.
  • Sync for Recovery or Charging
    • Sync the WS260 to a recovery or charging service in the app to monitor your progress and automatically set a tank capacity percentage. 
  • Alarms
    • Set up to four high or low weight alarms to alert you during recovery and charging operations. 
  • Data Log
    • Start and stop data logs. 
    • Download data logs to view in an easy-to-read template. 
    • Use the selectable auto-scaling graph function to custom tailor your template. 
    • Export your data log into a CSV or Excel format. 
  • Update Firmware
    • Remotely update the WS260's firmware to ensure your scale has the latest feature set from Appion. 
  • Registration
    • Register your device to the Appion Central Portal.

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Always wear gloves and eye protection and follow proper safety practices when handling refrigerants. See these Tech Bulletins for more information.

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