1/4 in. Speed-Y

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Fitting Size:
(2) 3/8in Male Flare, (1) 1/4in Female Flare
Compatible Repair Kits:
1/4in Swivel Fitting O-Ring Kit

High-Speed Y Fitting for Fast Recovery or Evacuation

The MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y features a large inner diameter for unrestricted Full Flow, is Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and rated for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410a. The Speed-Y makes it easy to connect multiple hoses to a single point without the drawbacks of a traditional manifold.

Features and Benefits

  • Full Flow - Large inner diameter with no restrictions for increased conductance speed
  • Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns
  • Designed for High Pressure - Designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A
  • Simplified ConnectionsEasily connect multiple hoses to a single point and reduce leak points
  • Durable - Premium aircraft grade aluminum bodies with high quality brass fittings
  • Increase the speed of any recovery pump or vacuum pump with 1/4in connections

Why Use a Speed-Y Instead of a Manifold?

Traditional manifolds suffer from a few shortcomings; highly restrictive, not designed for deep vacuum and a lot of potential leak points. The Speed-Y solves all of these issues in a small tidy package. Simplify your job, increase conductance speed and decrease recovery/evacuation times with the MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y.

Working on Large Multi-Port Systems?

With the MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y, vacuum pumps with only a few ports are no longer limited. Easily connect multiple hoses to a single port. The Greater the Flow... The Faster it will Go!

Are your Tools Rated for Vacuum and Pressure?

The MegaFlow 1/4in Speed-Y is Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. This combination will give you the peace of mind that your tools aren't going to leak in a deep vacuum or during critical parts of the recovery process.

Additional Product Material

Technical Bulletins

Always wear gloves and eye protection and follow proper safety practices when handling refrigerant.

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