SpeedKit-RAU - Recovery Speed Kit


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The Greater the Flow... the Faster it will Go!

The MegaFlow SpeedKit-RAU speeds up refrigerant recovery and makes it easy to hook-up multiple simultaneous connections to any refrigerant recovery machine. This kit features the 3/8in MegaFlow Speed-Y and eliminates the need for a restrictive manifold. The Speed-Y is designed to handle high-pressure refrigerants, such as R410a, without issue and has a large inner diameter to reduce turbulent refrigerant flow. The SpeedKit-RAU also contains (4) MegaFlow Valve Core Removal Tools; (2) in 1/4in and (2) in 5/16in to ensure connection with both conventional and R410a systems. These tools, paired with the included MegaFlow 3/8in Hoses, allow you to recover liquid or vapour refrigerant and unlock the full potential of your refrigerant recovery machine.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and Simple - Reduced connections, Simple setup, Fast recovery, Reduced job times
  • Works with ANY Recovery Machine - Make your existing recovery machine faster than ever
  • Designed for High Pressure - Designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A
  • Vacuum-Rated Components -  Tools that do not leak in a deep vacuum
  • Full Flow - No flow restrictions across the whole setup
  • Tool bag Included - Quickly organize and efficiently carry tools

This Kit Includes

Want Fast and Simple Recovery?

With the MegaFlow Speed-Y and Valve Core Removal Tools, fast recovery is simpler than ever. No restrictive manifold, no tangle of hoses, and reduced connections. Learn more about Full Flow and Fast Recovery.

Are your Tools Rated for Vacuum and Pressure?

All of the tools included in the MegaFlow SpeedKit-RAU are Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns and designed for high pressure refrigerants, such as R410A. This setup will give you the peace of mind that your tools aren't going to leak in a deep vacuum or during critical parts of the recovery process.

Additional Product Material

Technical Bulletins

Always wear gloves and eye protection and follow proper safety practices when handling refrigerant.

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