Appion Factory Repair Service


Please read all of the Appion Factory Repair Service terms and conditions outlined below before proceeding with the Repair Service Form.


Repairs submitted to Appion, Inc. are limited to U.S. addresses only. If you are outside the U.S. please Click Here for information to contact your local Factory Authorized Repair Center.


How does the Appion Factory Repair Service work? 


Step 1: 

Fill out and submit the Repair Service Form to receive a confirmation email with an RMA number. 


Step 2:

Send Appion,inc. the equipment to be repaired with the RMA number issued in the confirmation email. 


Send repairs to:

Appion, Inc. - Repairs & Returns Dept.

RMA: (issued RMA number)

2800 South Tejon Street

Englewood, CO 80110


Step 3:

Appion receives and repairs the equipment then issues an invoice to the email address provided on the Repair Service Form.


Step 4: 

You pay for the repaired equipment via the emailed invoice.


Step 5: 

Appion verifies the payment and returns the repaired equipment to the return address provided on the Repair Service Form.


Appion's Factory Repair Services Include


  • Full replacement of all components needed to bring the product back to factory certified standards
  • Internal component updates
  • Performance testing
  • Return shipping

Fixed-Rate Costs for All Repairs


$269.00 ea. for the G5Twin*†

$229.00 ea. for the G1Single*†

$349.00 ea. for the Tez8*†

$129.00 ea. for the P300, PT500, and PT800 Gauges

$149.00 ea. for the AV760 Gauge



Appion Factory Repair Service

Terms and Conditions


Repair Service Form Confirmation


You should receive a confirmation email after you submit the Repair Service Form. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number will be issued after submitting the repair form and will be included in the confirmation email. Please print out the confirmation email and include it in the box with the item(s) to be repaired. For further clarity, please write the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number on the outside of the box before shipping it to Appion.


Please send repairs to:


Appion, Inc. - Repairs & Returns Dept.
RMA: (issued RMA number)
2800 South Tejon Street
Englewood, CO 80110


IMPORTANT: You MUST attach the issued RMA number to each item BEFORE shipping any equipment to our repair center.

Please Note: Do NOT send TEZ8 Vacuum Pumps in for repair with a full oil cartridge. Full oil cartridges can spill during the shipping process.



Repair Process


After we receive the equipment and all of the paperwork is verified, we will begin the repairs. We aim for approximately 48-72 weekday hours turnaround time upon receipt of equipment to completion of repairs. Holiday hours may delay processing.





Invoices are issued after Appion has received the item(s) and completed the repair(s).


Repairs sent in through distributors and account holders will be issued an invoice directly to the distributor or account holder. 


All other repairs will have invoices sent to the email provided on the Repair Service Form. Invoices will be sent from Appion's account. We request that customers check their email inbox regularly to ensure the fastest return of repaired goods. 


Please Note: If no payment is received within 30 days of the third payment attempt, the repaired item(s) will be deemed abandoned and destroyed. IF THIS OCCURS, NO REIMBURSEMENT OF ANY FORM WILL BE MADE.



Return of Completed Repairs


Appion will return repaired equipment to the return address provided on the Repair Service Form once payment has been received.


Repairs dropped off in-person will be made available for pick-up once payment is received. Upon being contacted for pick-up, equipment is available for pick-up for 30 days.


Please Note:  If the equipment is not picked up within 30 days, it will be deemed abandoned and either destroyed or recycled. IF THIS OCCURS, NO REIMBURSEMENT OF ANY FORM WILL BE MADE.



Warranty Repairs


Warranty repairs only apply to items purchased within the last 12 months. A copy of the proof of purchase must be included with a warranty repair request. 


Please Note: If a warranty repair is sent in without a proof of purchase, we will process the repair at the full repair price for that item. Please see the prices listed above under Fixed-Rate Costs for All Repairs.



Additional Information


If you have any questions regarding the above procedures or require any further assistance, feel free to contact us at (303) 937-1580 or


Appion reserves the right to change the fixed-rate cost for repairs without notice.


Appion is not responsible for lost or damaged items during the shipping process. If your repaired equipment was damaged during the shipping process, please save the item(s) and packaging, then call us at (303) 937-1580. If your repaired equipment was lost during shipping, please contact the shipping carrier with the tracking number provided in the return confirmation email.


*Appion reserves the right to declare a machine un-repairable should it require significant repair, updating, replacement parts, or labor beyond what may be considered practical. In the event of this, Appion will contact the customer with their available options. A $60.00 bench fee will be assessed if you elect not to choose an option for a machine classified as un-repairable and want it returned. Contact Appion, Inc. for more information.


Appion, Inc. will NOT repair tools used for marijuana processing. Damage occurs to refrigerant recovery machines and evacuation pumps used to process marijuana. The use of any Appion tool for this process voids the Appion, Inc. warranty. It is a federal offense to ship marijuana across state lines with no legal minimums. Authorities use elevated detection techniques that are ever-increasing in sophistication for all shipments, domestic, international, and global. To protect Appion, Inc. and its customers, any equipment found to be used for marijuana processing will be left for customer pick-up, and not return-shipped. If the equipment is not picked up within 30 days after the customer has been notified (with the most recent contact information they have left with Appion, Inc.), the equipment will then be deemed abandoned and either recycled or destroyed.