Blue Fan Gearbox Assembly with Fan Blade

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Maximum Purchase:
10 units
Compatible Products:
G5Twin , G1Single, and TEZ8

Replacement Fan Gearbox Assembly with Fan Blade

Turbine Fan design provides the G5Twin and G1Single recovery machines with over 700 cfm of airflow for more condensing power and faster recovery. This same fan is used in the TEZ8 Vacuum Pump to cool its massive heatsink giving you a pump that performs in the hottest environments.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Speed/High-Pressure Turbine Fan - 700+ CFM of airflow
  • 7-inch 10-blade Design
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Up to 50˚Cooler compressor heads helps refrigerant stay cool & dense
  • Better Machine Operation - longer seal life

This part is compatible with the G5Twin/G1Single Recovery Machines and the TEZ8 Vacuum Pump.

Always wear gloves and eye protection and follow proper safety practices when handling refrigerant.

For California Consumers: