How to Install Appion Central on Android

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store

On your device, tap on the Play Store icon.

screenshot of step 1 instructions

Step 2: Search for the Appion Central App

Once you are in the Play Store, type Appion Central in the search bar at the top of your screen.

screenshot of step 2 instructions

Step 3: Install the Appion Central App to your Device

Tap the Install option.

screenshot of step 3 instructions

Step 4: Open the Appion Central App

Tap Open.

screenshot of step 4 instructions

Step 5: Provide Permission for Appion Central to Access Bluetooth

Tap OK for the Location Access permission window.
Please Note: This is required in order to pair your Appion Bluetooth device with the Central App.

screenshot of step 5 instructions

Step 6: Access The Appion Central Homepage

Press the back arrow in the upper left corner of the Version History page. You can turn off the auto show Version History by toggling the option in the lower right corner.

screenshot of step 6 instructions

Step 7: Appion Central Homescreen

screenshot of the appion central app homescreen

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