How to Add a Cylinder to a Service on iOS

Please note that cylinders can only be added to Recovery and Charging services. In this demonstration, we will be adding a Cylinder from the Tank Manager to a Recovery Service.

Step 1: Open Appion Central

On your device, locate the Appion Central app, then tap on the icon to open.

screenshot of step 1 instructions

Step 2: Navigate to the Recovery Service Screen

From the home screen, tap the Recover tab. You will be redirected to the Recovery Service Screen.

screenshot of step 2 instructions.

Step 3: Add the Cylinder

Tap Click to add tank. You will be redirected to the Tank Manager screen.

screenshot of step 3.1 instructions screenshot of step 3.2 instructions

Step 4: Select the Cylinder from the Tank Manager

Tap the cylinder you would like to add to the service. You will be redirected back to the service screen.

screenshot of step 4.1 instructions screenshot of step 4.2 instructions

Step 5: Verify the Correct Cylinder Has Been Added

The cylinder's serial number and a link symbol will appear within the service when successfully added.
Please Note: If the wrong cylinder was selected, tap the newly added cylinder within the service to change to the correct cylinder.

screenshot of step 5 instructions

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