How to Add a Job on iOS

Step 1: Open Appion Central

On your device, locate the Appion Central app, then tap on the icon to open.

screenshot of step 1 instructions

Step 2: Navigate to the Jobs Screen

From the home screen, tap Jobs to open the Job Manager screen.

screenshot of step 2 instructions.

Step 3: Add a Job to the Job Manager

Tap the + icon to add a new Job. You will be redirected to the Edit Job screen.

screenshot of step 3.1 instructions screenshot of step 3.2 instructions

Step 4: Enter the Job Name

Tap the Job Name field and enter the job name, then tap Next. This is the only required entry to create a job.

screenshot of step 4.1 instructions screenshot of step 4.2 instructions

Step 5: Add Dispatch Number and Job Notes

Enter the Dispatch Number, then tap Next. In the Notes field, add any job notes, then tap Done.

screenshot of step 5.1 instructions screenshot of step 5.2 instructions

Step 6: Add a Location, Service, or System

Add any additional information to the Job by selecting the appropriate field.

screenshot of step 6 instructions

Step 7: Mark the Job Complete When Finished

Tap Complete when the Job is complete. If the job is still active, tap the Back arrow to continue additional tasks before marking the job as complete. Selecting Complete or Back will take you to the Job Manager screen. The date will auto-populate in the End Date field when the job is marked complete. If Back is selected, "Not Completed" will display in the End Date field.

screenshot of step 7.1 instructions screenshot of step 7.2 instructions

Step 8: Edit a Job Marked Complete

Find and tap the completed job you wish to edit from the Job Manager screen. Tap edit in the lower-left corner of the screen. Repeat Step 7 once editing is finished.

screenshot of step 8.1 instructions screenshot of step 8.2 instructions