How to Add an Appion Digital Device to a Service on Android

The Appion Digital Measurement Device you wish to pair must be on while performing the following steps. If you are using an early model device like the PT500/800 or AV760, the Bluetooth icon must be flashing on the Appion device display. A flashing Bluetooth icon indicates the device is in pairing mode. For any newer devices, simply turn the device on to initiate pairing mode.

Step 1: Open Appion Central

On your device, locate the Appion Central app, then tap on the icon to open.

screenshot of step 1 instructions

Step 2: Navigate to a Service Screen

From the home screen, tap a Service. For our demonstration, we will use the Evacuation service.

screenshot of step 2 instructions.

Step 3: Add the Device

Tap Click to add measurement source.

screenshot of step 3 instructions

Step 4: Select a Device from the Pop-Up List

Tap the device you would like to add to the service. A connecting pop-up prompt will appear while the device is connecting.
Please Note: If there are no devices available, select My Devices and follow steps 4-9 of the How to Pair and Conenct a Device guide.

screenshot of step 4a instructions screenshot of step 4b instructions

Step 5: Verifying a Device Has Been Successfully Added

The device name, image, signal strength, 2-way connection symbol, and displayed values will appear if a device has been successfully connected and added to a service.

screenshot of step 5 instructions

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