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Technical Support

Appion offers lifetime technical support. You can contact our Englewood, CO factory directly by phone, email, or use our Technical Support Request system to open a troublshooting ticket right now.

Technical Support Request

Repair Centers

Please see your local distributor to arrange a repair with a Factory Authorized Repair Center. Repairs are only covered under warranty when performed by Appion or a Factory Authorized Repair Center.

Please do not ship a machine for repair without first contacting your distributor, Appion, or the authorized repair center.

Warranty Service Information

Factory Authorized Repair Centers:

The following repair centers are authorized by Appion to perform repairs on refrigerant recovery units and vacuum pumps, both in and out of warranty.

Safety Reminder

Always wear gloves and eye protection and follow proper safety practices when handling refrigerant.
See these Tech Bulletins for more information.

Operating Manuals

Technical Bulletins

Please see the below Technical Bulletins for important information about Refrigerant Recovery and System Evacuation.