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TEZOM Micron-Dry Oil

Premium Synthetic Blend Vacuum Pump Oil for Superior Performance

TEZOM Micron-Dry Oil

Features and Benefits

  • Hydrophobic Formulation repels moisture and dirt - stays dry even after exposure to humid atmospheric conditions
  • Synthetic blend improves vacuum pump performance and provides greater protection to internal pump components
  • Ultra-low vapor pressure oil for superior vacuum sealing performance
  • Longer-lasting performance reduces overall oil consumption and cost - lasts up to 8 times longer than mineral oil
  • 5-Second Oil Change™ - Change the oil "on the fly" without interrupting the evacuation process
  • Clean & Dry - Quick and easy oil change removes moisture dirt, preventing long-term sludge builup
  • Clearly Visible Results - Clear cartridge makes it easy to monitor the condition of the oil and verify evacuation results
TEZOM Oil Cartridge

Useful Information

Additional Materials

Product Specifications

Part No. Description
TZM1PK Pre-Charged TEZOM Oil Cartridge for Appion TEZ Vacuum Pumps (Ships in quantities of 12)
TZMGLN TEZOM Oil Gallon Bottle

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