How to Delete a Cylinder from the Tank Manager on Android

Step 1: Open Appion Central

On your device, locate the Appion Central app, then tap on the icon to open.

screenshot of step 1 instructions

Step 2: Navigate to the Tank Manager

From the home screen, tap Tanks to open the Tank Manager Screen.

screenshot of step 2 instructions.

Step 3: Locate the Cylinder to Delete

Find the cylinder you would like to delete and swipe left on that cylinder. Swiping left will expose a red Trash Can button.

screenshot of step 3a instructions screenshot of step 3b instructions

Step 4: Delete the Cylinder

Tap the red Trash Can. An onscreen prompt will appear. Tap OK to delete the device.

screenshot of step 4a instructions screenshot of step 4b instructions

Step 5: Verify the Cylinder Has Been Successfully Deleted

If the cylinder was successfully deleted, it will no longer show in the tank manager.

screenshot of step 5 instructions