TEZ 8 Vacuum Pump

TEZ™8 - 8cfm Vacuum Pump
With 5-Second Oil Change™

Designed from the ground up to make AC/R system evacuations easier and faster than ever before

Designed from the ground up with the technician in mind, the revolutionary TEZ™8 Vacuum Pump brings vacuum pump technology into the 21st century. Innovative features make AC/R system evacuations easier and faster than ever before, and the TEZ™8 has been field-proven to outperform larger, belt-driven pumps by hours or sometimes even days.  So, how much is your time worth?

Features and Benefits
  • 5-Second Oil Change™
  • Clear TEZOM™ Oil Cartridges for additional system analysis
  • Adjustable Full-Flow Multi-Port Input (1/4", 2x 3/8", 1/2") for up to 32 times the flow of single input pumps
  • Clear Debris Tube and Positive Pressure Relief with easy-to-clean debris filter screen
  • Remote Exhaust (with a ‘garden hose’ attachment)
  • Two-stage exhaust vents moisture without breaking the vacuum; no gas ballast needed
  • Advanced "anti-suckback" eliminates restrictive check valves
  • Durable, all-metal pump construction with lightweight, field-duty composite resin case
  • ‘Soft Start’ Motor for reliable starting in extreme ambient conditions (even as low as -40ºC/F)
  • High-speed turbine fan and massive aluminum heatsink keeps the pump and oil cooler, reducing oil viscosity breakdown

Fast evacuation relies on two primary things: Clean Oil and Full Flow (COFF). The TEZ™8 is the only vacuum pump with a 5-Second Oil Change™, making it easy to change the oil "on the fly" when evacuations stall. Clear TEZOM™ Oil Cartridges also allow the technician to monitor the condition of the oil and see if a system is wet, dirty, or if it has been brazed with a nitrogen flow.  With an adjustable, multi-port input it’s easy to connect multiple large-diameter (1/2") hoses for maximum flow.

Did You Know

Other time-saving features such as two-stage exhaust (eliminates the need for a gas ballast), a ‘soft-start’ motor (for reliable starting in extreme conditions), and a clear debris tube (to stop contaminants from getting in the pump) make evacuation jobs faster than ever.  The TEZ™8 is also built around a massive cooling airflow to keep the vacuum pump oil doing its job - sealing at a deep vacuum.

To truly unleash the TEZ8’s potential, pair it with the MegaFlow™Speed Kit to form the Award Winning TEZ Speed System™ and complete your next evacuation job in record time. dda 2010 award

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Additional Features

Length 14.25 in (362 mm)
Height 10.30 in (262 mm)
Width 9.40 in (239 mm)
Weight 28 lbs (12.7 kgs.)
Power 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Amps (230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps)
Free Air Displacement 8cfm (227 l/min)
Ultimate Vacuum <20 Microns
Inlet Port Fittings 1/4”, 3/8” (x2), 1/2” Flare
Multi Port Hook Up for Time Critical Duke University Job
On a critical Server Room job at Duke University, the TEZ™8 (with 3x 1/2" hoses) cut the job time from four days to less than 7 hours.

Tez8 Evacuates Large Rack System in the Hussman Factory
With five simultaneous full-flow connections, the TEZ™ Speed System evacuates racks like these up to 10 times faster than typical vacuum pumps.

Tez8 on a 1500 ton Chiller at Dallas Galleria
Thanks to massive flow and 'on the fly' oil changes, in just 26 hours the TEZ™8 evacuated six 1500 ton chillers, one at a time, to 500 microns...outperforming a 20-CFM belt driven pump.
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Repair Parts Kits
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KTCAP4 4-Port Cap Set for Tez™8
KTT840 Tez™8 Input Seal & Cap Kit (KTCAP4, KTT841, Debris Tube)
KTT841 O-rings for debris tube and input stack
KTT855 TEZOM™ Seal Set (upper and lower seal)
KTT881 Tez™8 Pump Rebuild Kit (vanes, o-rings, and shaft seals)