MegaFlow™ Hose

MegaFlow™ Hose
Vacuum-Certified MegaFlow™ Hoses are ultra flexible and reliable 
Larger interior diameter for high speed recovery and evacuation

MegaFlow Hoses

Features and Benefits

  • Vacuum-Rated to 20 microns
  • Larger interior diameter for superior performance
  • Rated for use with R410A and all common refrigerants
  • All hoses are available in custom length, color, and fitting combinations
  • Every hose is tested and evacuated before shipping
  • Ultra-flexible for easy connections in tight spaces
  • 4000 psi burst and 800 psi working pressure for 1/4" and 3/8" hoses
  • 3200 psi burst and 640 psi working pressure for 1/2" hoses

Larger Hoses for System Evacuation

Even when restricted by 1/4" system ports, using a 3/8" or 1/2" hose greatly reduces resistance and increases potential flow.
This is especially true during system evacuation. Just using one 1/2" hose with 1/4" fittings can result in one-tenth (1/10th) the evacuation time compared to using one 1/4" hose.

Or look at it the other way: using one 1/4" hose can make an evacuation take up to 10 times longer than when using 1/2" hoses!
flexible hose

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MegaFlow Hoses

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MegaFlow Hoses with Reflection
MegaFlow Hoses 

Additional Features

Hose ColorDiameterLengthFittings (Straight)Part No.
Black 1/2" 6 ft. 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL MH120006EAK
Blue 3/8" 6 ft. 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL MH380006EAB
Red 3/8" 6 ft. 3/8"FL to 1/4"FL MH380006EAR
Yellow 3/8" 6 ft. 1/4"FL to 1/4"FL MH380006AAY
Please contact your local Appion wholesaler to order custom hoses
Available Hose SizesAvailable Hose ColorLengthAvailable Fittings - Straight or 45°
(45° only available for 1/4" fittings)
Hose DiameterBlackBlueRedYellowMax Length1/4"3/8"1/2"
3/8" No Yes Yes Yes 800 ft. Yes Yes No
1/2" Yes No No No 600 ft. Yes Yes Yes
Appion Part NO. Description (Contents)
KT11AA MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 4x1/4 (For Hose MH380004AAY, MH380006AAY
KT11EA MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 2x3/8, 2x1/4 (For Hose MH120006EAK, MH380006EAR/B
KT11EE MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 4x3/8
KT11GA MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 2x1/2, 2x1/4
KT11GE MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 2x1/2, 2x3/8
KT11GG MegaFlow™ Hose Gaskets: 4x1/2
KT11K1 MegaFlow™ Speed Kit Hose Gasket Set: 3x1/2, 5x3/8, 4x1/4